EPIC AGE MEDIA is a dynamic and innovative award-winning entertainment company that is simply overflowing with creative energy, new ideas and and a heck of a lot of fun!


We specialize in tabletop roleplaying games, board games and card games, as well as new and original films and television series.


We are also creating our own unique line of comic books, music and original fiction.


Our interests and hobbies are varied and thus our products are as well. So if you like games, films, music or fiction, you'll find something here with EPIC AGE MEDIA as the saga unfolds...










The Saga of 5 Ages - our fantasy roleplaying game

The third novel in the Saga of 5 Ages series (Book 3 debuts soon!)

Our first TV/web commercial for Epic Age Media

The first Galaxy Prime movie script!

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The Art of Epic Age Media 2018 Calendars available now, December 2017

Epic Age Media's 9th Anniversary (belated), November 2017

Donated to disaster relief for Puerto Rico, October 2017

Donated books, games & clothes to hurricane victims, September 2017

James Shade's Birthday Month, August 2017

New music project initiated, July 2017

Epic Age Media blog rebooted, June 2017

Galaxy Prime - Data Screen: Kinet & Mutants published, May 2017

Expanded digital presence to Instagram, April 2017

Suburban Wars - There Goes the Neighborhood expansion published, March 2017

Exhibited at Owlcon, February 2017

Galaxy Prime - Data Screen: Starship Combat published, January 2017

Donated various games to veterans charities, December 2016

Galaxy Prime - Data Screen: Personal Combat published, November 2016

Powers Beyond softcover edition published, October 2016

Epic Age Media's 8th Anniversary, September 2016

James Shade's birthday month, August 2016

Powers Beyond - A Superpowered Roleplaying Epic digital edition published, July 2016


Galaxy Prime wins Best RPG at the d-Infinity Independent Game Awards, June 2016

Morgue & Stein TV series rebooted, May 2016

Exhibited at MagCon, April 2016

Metal Missives revised, expanded and updated, March 2016

Exhibited at Owlcon and debuted Powers Beyond, February 2016

Relocated to new headquarters, January 2016

Donated various games and books to children's charities, December 2015

Artistic Transmissions: The Art and Lore of Galaxy Prime revised, expanded and updated, November 2015

S5A - The 12 Rings of the Emperor: The Magistrate's Tale published digitally, October 2015

Epic Age Media's 7th Anniversary, September 2015

Alpha Colony's Galaxy Prime expansion published, August 2015

Galaxy Prime supplements published digitally, July 2015

Expanded digital presence to Pinterest, June 2015

New Galaxy Prime scenario "The Prize is Right" posted, May 2015

Exhibited at Magcon 7, April 2015

3 new videos uploaded to our YouTube channel, March 2015

Exhibited at Owlcon, February 2015

Implemented the EAM merchandising program, January 2015


Updates From Years Past: