The Company

EPIC AGE MEDIA is an ambitious foray into the creation of an entertainment empire. It begins with small, simple steps and builds into far-reaching mass market offerings.

The core of EAM is based around the original and fictional worlds created for seven role-playing games, each representative
of some of the most popular genres: sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, pulp, supernatural/paranormal, apocalyptic and espionage.
Though these worlds are wholly the creation of the author, they are intended to be expanded by an ever-growing
fan base as well as licensors, and thus become living,
interactive worlds unto themselves.

Each of these RPG’s will spawn spinoff products based on their own milieu:


card games

board games

video games



comic books

movies & TV series, etc.

Each successive tier will increase the public awareness and consumer base of both the products and EAM, and revenues from the lower tiers are intended to fund the following tiers, though the tiers will remain interchangeable as the situation dictates and opportunities arise.

The Creator

Epic Age Media is a fantastical maelstrom of legendary sagas and creative musings as told through the dynamic visual and written mediums of the enigmatic master mythmaker James Shade.

James Shade is the creative force behind Epic Age Media, and craftsman of whimsical tales, imaginative worlds and heroic adventures.

Growing up an avid gamer, Shade ventured into role playing game development in the mid-1980s. He quickly proved his talent in this area, as his local gaming groups would often play out his creations. Over the years, he has spawned 17 games in board and card form. About this time, Shade also began to pen original stories, resulting in a series of short stories and comic books.

In the mid-1990s, Shade expanded his offerings to include works for TV and film, devising treatments and scripts for feature films, sitcoms, dramas and comedies. He also founded DarkSide Gaming (1996-2007), an online game retailer and distributor.

Into the current century, Shade has been able to lend his expertise to (World Developer/Story Consultant) and TNC Gaming/Comic News (Regular Columnist/Contributor). He has also found himself in front of the camera, acting in various independent productions and also had the opportunity to play an uncredited role in the Jack Black comedy Year One.

Epic Age Media marks Shade's effort to bring his creative talents to the forefront. Initially leading with two prominent works — the role playing games Galaxy Prime and Suburban Wars — Shade figures to put on display many more of his rich tales in the forms of additional games, comic books, novels and scripts.

And this is only the beginning...

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James Shade's Film Industry Resume

Honors & Awards


d-Infinity Independent Game Awards
Best RPG - Galaxy Prime
June 2016

Worldfest International Film Festival
Bronze Remi - "Tomboys"
October 2011

Houston Comedy FilmFest
Official Selection - "Tomboys"
November 2011

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