Form the Phalanx!

Work with Epic Age Media.

Members of the Epic Age Phalanx are the dutiful guardians of the workforce. These tireless individuals contribute their time and efforts to see that the Epic Age empire continues to grow and expand. Their mission involves important deeds that they accomplish with their own hands, and these acts are integral to the success of Epic Age Media. As with the Legionnaires and the Praetorians, they too can earn rewards, win prizes, achieve higher and higher ranks and of course gain FREE entry into local conventions. And like all defenders of the Epic Age realm, their Epic Age Persona shall be canonized within the games, stories, films and worlds of Epic Age Media. Insure your own legend by sending a missive to Shade and become a part of the Phalanx today!


Phalanx Deeds                    Rank Points

Legwork                                         5

Writing                                           5

Review                                          10

Editing                                          10

Acting                                           10

Playtesting w/Feedback            10

Web/Graphic Design                 20

Networking/Contacts                20

Filmwork/Crew                          20

Music                                             20

Programming/Scripting             20

Costumes/Garb                           20

Artwork                                        25

Outside Sales                               25

Phalanx Duties

Legwork - Various tasks that may include but are not limited to: dropping off or picking up, making phone calls, sending emails, doing internet research, etc.

Writing - can include articles, ad copy, product description, blogs, world info, flavor text, character backgrounds, supplemental rules/mechanics, scenarios, campaigns, internet posts, etc.

Reviews - thorough description of a product's facets and an objective opinion on its quality

Editing - thorough proofing and revising of material that is nearing publication, as well as formatting and layout suggestions for presentation

Acting - major, minor or extra role in a short film, tv episode, commercial or feature film

Playtesting w/Feedback - multiple thorough examinations with multiple varying players of a game that is in its prototype stage, including full write-ups on its mechanics, flavor, viability, etc.

Web/Graphic Design - Webpage maintenance and creation; package design; logo design; signage; ad design, etc.

Networking/Contacts - discovery and usage of any new individual, company or other entity which will improve the efficiency, visibility and financial viability of EAM

Filmwork/Crew - any non-acting, non-paid task involved in the pre-production, production and/or post-production of a film, commercial or tv episode

Music - soundtracks; theme songs; full albums

Programming/Scripting - creation, modification and updating of video games, apps and other digital media

Costumes/Garb - usable clothing, jewelry, accessories, weapons or other garb that EAM can utilize at conventions, events, ceremonies and other functions

Artwork - any non-paid, usable drawings, paintings, illustrations or other artforms that become part of the final product

Outside Sales - any new customers that have made a non-refunded purchase outside of a demo, store, convention or other pre-planned function


Epic Age Personas will be created by the Legionnaire, Praetorian or Phalanx member to identify himself within the ranks of the organization and will be utilized at all public functions, on the website and social media in such a manner as to create an original character whose story will be told through his words and deeds. This will also help to keep personal information and activities within the company private when necessary. The Persona will be posted and updated regularly as tasks are completed so that all may bask in the glory of their accomplishments!

Persona Rank            Points for Promotion

Sentry                                Recruit

Soldier                                  50

Knight                                  100

Lieutenant                           250

Commander                        500

Captain                               1000

Esteemed Guardian          2500

Noble Defender                 5000

High Protector                   10,000

General                               25,000

Rewards                                                                      Point Cost

Dice, Dice Bag or Miniature                                              50

Rogue CD or Iron, Wind & Sea game                                100

Novel, Art book, Lyric book or RPG print copy            250

Board game or Card game                                                500


Year-End Contest

Legionnaire/Praetorian/Phalanx member with the most Promotion points wins the Grand Prize, with prizes also for second and third place.

Year-End Vote

Whoever has the most votes internally and externally becomes the Grand Vizier and receives a special prize and rank.

Current Formation

Persona Rank
Matourke Knight
Hawgleg Knight
Mesinovich Soldier
Taliesin Soldier
Drovish Sentry
Yunawan Sentry
Evinbore Sentry
Arteme Sentry
Britzer Sentry
Amontadillo Sentry
Drocca Sentry
Archimedes Sentry
Hanz Sentry
Timreh Sentry
Graveson Sentry
Dragonfang Sentry