Become a Praetorian!

 Assume the mantle of royalty and invest in Epic Age Media.

The Epic Age Praetorians are a part of the Imperial Court at Epic Age Media. Those individuals who are fortunate enough and generous enough to donate and/or invest in the organization can essentially buy their way into royalty! Like the Epic Age Legionnaires, they too will have access to rewards, prizes, rank promotions and FREE entry into conventions. Their Epic Age Persona will also become canon in the games, stories, films and worlds of Epic Age Media, but more importantly they will have a voice within the Imperial Court that they can use to help guide the future of this epic endeavor. Send a missive to Shade and join the elite ranks of the Praetorians today!

 Rank                          Donation/Investment       Benefit

 Ambassador                $100+                              1 Voice

 Lord                           $500+                              2 Voices

 Baron                         $1000+                            5 Voices

 Count                         $2500+                           10 Voices

 Marquis                      $5000+                           20 Voices

 Duke                          $10,000+                        50 Voices

 Viceroy                       $25,000+                        100 Voices

 Chancellor                  $50,000+                        250 Voices

 Prime Minister            $100,000+                      500 Voices



Each Voice will allow input into the creative designs and writings of Epic Age Media. They can also be used in company votes and to buy Rank points (x100 value) which can then be exchanged for products or saved for the Year-End Contest. One may wish to suggest a certain type of character, race, species, profession, special power, equipment or vehicle for a game, story, film or world. The suggestion will be duly considered and implemented into the product if at all possible, and the creator will be issued a special credit within the material that highlights their contribution and sets them apart among their peers. Special ceremonies will also be performed to honor these industrious individuals at the Year-End Convocation. Lastly, if the idea is not usable, the Voice will not be spent and may be saved and used later for other purposes.


Epic Age Personas will be created by the Legionnaire, Praetorian or Phalanx member to identify himself within the ranks of the organization and will be utilized at all public functions, on the website and social media in such a manner as to create an original character whose story will be told through his words and deeds. This will also help to keep personal information and activities within the company private when necessary. The Persona will be posted and updated regularly as tasks are completed so that all may bask in the glory of their accomplishments!

Persona Rank            Points for Promotion

Sentry                                Recruit

Soldier                                  50

Knight                                  100

Lieutenant                           250

Commander                        500

Captain                               1000

Esteemed Guardian          2500

Noble Defender                 5000

High Protector                   10,000

General                               25,000

Rewards                                                                      Point Cost

Dice, Dice Bag or Miniature                                              50

Rogue CD or Iron, Wind & Sea game                                100

Novel, Art book, Lyric book or RPG print copy           250

Board game or Card game                                               500


Year-End Contest

Legionnaire/Praetorian/Phalanx member with the most Promotion points wins the Grand Prize, with prizes also for second and third place.

Year-End Vote

Whoever has the most votes internally and externally becomes the Grand Vizier and receives a special prize and rank.

Imperial Court

Persona Title
Magnon Marquis
Mr. Meh Baron
War-man Baron
Tyliel Lord
Koer Lord
Ovarr Ambassador
Xolvog Ambassador